Securing technical compliance on his first assignment for Front Group

Securing technical compliance on his first assignment for Front Group

Experience from building and operating gas tankers. A career in engineering companies, oil and gas operators – and even tasks for the Norwegian Armed forces. No wonder it feels so natural and safe to add Sigmund Skoge to the Front Group team!

SigmundSkoge has almost done it all and has had interesting tasks during his long career. He has worked for companies like Solvang Shipping, Sørco Engineering (later Apply), ConocoPhillips and Det Norske/Aker BP. Skoge was in fact Engineering Manager on the topside project for Ivar Aasen, and system responsible for the field development.

Front Group's Sigmund Skoge

“After the Ivar Aasen project, I gradually started working with implementation of new technology and digitalization to optimize Aker BPs new field development projects,” Skoge explains.

After sometime, Skoge started working for Apply again, where he was given the position of Senior Project Manager and Contract Responsible for the Lundin contract. He was Tender Manager for a new frame agreement with Lundin with a value of NOK 700 million, which was secured.

“I must admit it was great to win that one,” Skoge says.

On assignment for Front Group

Sigmund Skoge took up his position as Senior Advisor with Front Group at the turn of the year and is well underway with his first long-termplacement with A/S Norske Shell. He works as the Senior Technical Regulatory Compliance Advisor for the Linnorm Development project.

“I like it here. There are a lot of great people in Shell. My job is to ensure that the field development complies with the technical requirements from the authorities. At the same time our task is to optimize the technical solutions, with digitalization as the key word. So I really get to make use of my experience with digitalization from previous jobs,” Skoge says.

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Bright future 

Over the years he kept in touch with Ivar Helge Hollen, one of the partners in FrontGroup, who he worked with on Ivar Aasen. He also knew CTO Ragnar Aarlien, who back in the day was a Manager in ABB, a supplier to Aker BP projects. 

“I wanted to work for Front Group because of the people I know in the company and for the interesting tasks they have. Front Group has ambitious plans, and I believe we will achieve a lot going forward,” Skoge says.

Front Group’s CTO Ragnar Aarlien is pleased Skoge joined the team:

“Sigmund has a versatile background. His education is from electro and automation, but he has gained competence from many other disciplines. He has a strong overview of oil and gas assets, he is technically strong and has delved deeply into new technology. It is also valuable to us that he has experience from the customer side,” Aarlien says.

Front Group is recruiting

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