• Act of reassuring various project stakeholders that their asset &organization is progressing toward a state of operational readiness
  • Provides a measure of confidence that project will be ready by the time it is required
  • Ensures compliance to governing regulations
  • Prevents costly late-stage integration problems
  • Holistic view of safety –working safely & delivering products and services
  • LEAN –only what is needed


Project Performance Assurance

The PPA package scope digitizes project performance metrics to maintain complete and accurate performance visualization dashboard.  The PPA package provide project leadership the capability to monitor vital real-time performance attributes from any location.

Interface Management Assurance

Interface management assurance scope ensures project interfaces are aligned between independent organizations contributing to project development to prevent late stage integration problems.

Technical Compliance and Integrity Assurance

The TCI assurance package scope ensures compliance to regulatory and governance requirements while maintaining technical integrity of the system during project development.

Operational Readiness & Assurance

The OR&A package scope ensures operational requirements for transferring a development to Operations are identified, planned, developed and delivered well in advance of the facility being put into operation.

Safety Readiness and Assurance

The SRA package scope ensures work environment safety compliance during project development and ensures alignment of safety processes, procedures, techniques and systems are compliance with Operator governance and regulatory requirements.

Project Support Services

In addition to project assurance packages, FRONT Group shall provide specific specialized project support services outside the scope of project assurance packages in cases designated by Company. 

Each of the packages is designed as a comprehensive solution with predefined deliverables, but can be expanded to unique project circumstances if required.

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